Practice the Law of Attraction in 5 Steps

I was first introduced to the concept of the Law of Attraction years ago when I read the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. It is a self-help book based on the law of attraction and claims that positive thinking can cultivate life-changing results in our lives as it relates to happiness, health, and wealth. At the time I immediately accepted the idea but wasn’t in a mental place where I could actively commit to its practice.

Fast forwarding to today, after going through some things and gaining some maturity and wisdom, I have learned to appreciate the effects of positive thinking. It has enhanced how I feel about myself and my life overall. But the question always remains…


Well here are 5 Steps to get you started:

1. Get on your own calendar

Carve out at least 10 minutes a day to spend some quiet time with yourself.  I recommend in the morning because it sets the pace for your day but if it’s lunch time or in the evening that works too.  The idea is to connect with your deepest desires and open yourself up to hearing God’s voice and you just can’t do that if you don’t exit the freeway of day-to-day life for a moment. My personal practice is to spend the first 10 minutes of my day in meditation and conversation with God.  I have an App on my phone that plays meditation music and has a timer. I pop in my ear buds, set it for 10 minutes then sit Indian style in my bed with eyes closed.  I slowly count to 10 to settle my body and mind and thank God for all his blessings. Then I just ask God to tell me what He wants me to know. Sometimes He does and sometimes He doesn’t or I just couldn’t quiet my mind enough to hear.  It’s never a perfect practice but as long as you keep practicing it becomes more perfect.

Side note; God’s voice doesn’t sound like Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. He speaks to you, through you and your internal voice.

2. Know, that you Know, that you Know

Be sure about what you want and when you do decide please don’t doubt yourself. Remember you will be sending a request to the Universe through your thoughts and it will respond based on those thoughts. Take some time to clearly define for yourself what you want. If you’re not clear/sure, the Universe will not know how to accurately respond. In addition to the what, the why is equally important. If you don’t know why you want what you want and the purpose for it then it will fail to truly enhance your life.

3. Ask and it shall be done

Make your request. Speak it during your quiet time. Write it on your Vision Board. Dream about it. Visualize it. Own it as if it has already come to pass. When you do this you are putting out a frequency into the Universe that the Law of Attraction will respond to. It is similar to when you randomly start thinking about someone and out of nowhere they call or you run into them. I suggest starting with something simple like maybe being able to afford something you want to purchase. Don’t go asking for Mr. Right to show up on your doorstep on a white horse in the morning. That takes practice. I know because I already tried that one… LOL. Still waiting.

4. Put it on paper

Start a journal or notepad with your requests. Write to the Universe what it is you want as if you have already received it. For example; “I am so happy and grateful now that…” and finish the sentence (or paragraph) telling the Universe what it is that you want. Avoid negation terms. Speak to what you Want, not what you Don’t Want. Every day until your wish comes true, close your eyes and imagine your desire as if it’s happening right now and see your imagination turning clearer and clearer.

5. Eliminate all doubt

Expect that your request will come to fruition. Allow yourself to feel as if you have already received it. You must act, speak, and think as if you are receiving it now. This is actually the most important, powerful step in using the Law of Attraction because this is where it starts working. Sometimes when you do this you no longer feel like you need it because you feel like you already have it! As a result, the universe will manifest this thought and feeling, and you will receive it. It’s kind of like when you daydream about winning the Lotto and think about all the things you would do with the money as if you already won.

Now that you have the tools you can get to work. Now, remember nothing happens over night. Stay focused and stay positive. After all, it’s your life and you define it.


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