Change is meant to Change

Change… the act or instance of making or becoming different.

It’s when what is known becomes unknown. It’s evolution.  It’s metamorphosis.  It’s life.  It’s death.  It’s inevitable.  Change is one of the few thing in life we can’t change.  It can sneak up and catch us by surprise or we can invite it over for dinner.  We can have a love affair with it or run from it like the plague.  No matter how we engage with it or what we feel about it we can never escape it.

Change is an intricate part of life yet so many of us fear or dread it.  We are reluctant to embrace it but we pray for the results of it?

“I want to own my own home”.  But I am afraid of the changes that will bring to my lifestyle in order for me to afford it.  I don’t want to live on a budget.  I don’t want to minimize my shoe shopping.

“I want a new job/career”.  But I don’t want to stop hanging out with my friends or Netflix and chilling so I can spend time updating my resume, networking and filling out countless applications. Or my favorite…

“I want to lose weight”.  But I don’t want to change my eating habits.  I don’t want to change my daily schedule and add in some exercise time.  I don’t want to make time to meal prep.  I hate that one the most.

Honestly I don’t think that it is Change itself that we fear.  I think the true fear comes from the UNKNOWN that Change brings about whether it be by choice or by circumstance.  A few months ago I had to decide whether or not I was going to renew my lease at my apartment or move to a new place.  I had been there for five years and was very comfortable but they increased the rent quite a bit without any renovations and my kids were getting older and needed their own space.  I toiled over the decision for as long as I could and then finally just said, “go for it; try something new”.  I was so nervous about taking on a change like this after doing the same thing for so long.  But in reality I wasn’t afraid of the change; I was afraid of the unknown’s that came along with it.  Was I going to find a new place in time?  Was I going to be able to afford the new rent?  Will my kids be comfortable?  Will I pick the right place?  Who am I going to get to help me move?  The list goes on.  So now three months later everything worked out.  I still have the basic necessities of life and my kids are happy but more importantly that change also changed me.  It taught me how to be more grateful for what I have even if it’s not all that I want.  It taught me how to take a step in faith and not be so afraid of making a mistake.  But most of all it taught me that “Change is the pathway to Progression“.

There is a quote by Fred DeVito that says, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” I know it is easier said than done but when you experience a challenge or trial in life try to embrace it because as a result, Change is being birthed.  Of course going through it may be uncomfortable and even painful but the change that will come from you on the other side is more beautiful than you could have imagined.  The improved you.  The stronger you.  The more confident you.  The more self-aware you.  The wiser you.  The more grateful you.  The more self-defined you.  Change is meant to Change so let it help you Define yourself for Yourself.

How has Change is your life Changed You?


2 Replies to “Change is meant to Change”

  1. Progress can only come through change. If you stay the same there is no progress. I agree we are afraid or reluctant of change because it feels different. The process is unpleasant its unknown its scarier than what we already have. We must move in Faith an embrace change to get that result we want. I know for me accountability helps.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Sharon. Accountability and Support help us get through. Knowing that you are not alone and that reaching the other side is doable makes a world of difference. That is part of the reason I share my stories. I want people to know they are not alone. Thank you for supporting this Blog and sharing your words of wisdom. Happy New Year.

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