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January 22, 2017


Today I was blessed with the opportunity to speak about the ” I Am Defined By Me” blog; its purpose, its definition and its origin to a group of women at a Vision Board Party.  This was the first time I have ever formally spoken about my blog period, let a lone in a group setting designed to enhance self-empowerment.  I was honored to be asked and thrilled to share the gift God has given me with others.  In addition to spreading the message and meeting new people I realized my own growth. I have never been a social butterfly or great speaker and have shied away from it for most of my adult life. But over the past few year I have worked on building my self-confidence so that I may be more comfortable interacting and communicating with people I didn’t know.  This experience has shown me how far I have come and that “I Am Confident”.  This year I started asking God to expand my reach with my Mission and Message for I Am Defined By Me and He is at work already.  Look At God!  Won’t He do it! [Tamar Braxton voice].

So with that being said I figured I would share the video of me speaking today to continue to spread the message and inspire you to believe in yourself and trust God.


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