Political Racism – Which side are you on?

The other day a co-worker asked me if I have been affected by the election of Donald Trump as our new President. I will admit it his question came unexpectedly considering he is an older white male speaking to a black female at work but there was a part of me that appreciated the question. Now, of course, my answer was Hell Yea.  I mean how could it not.  We began to share perspectives and desires for a positive outcome but both realized that we shared a concern for the DIVISION this whole election has caused.

It feels as if there is divide everywhere. Trump supporters over here and everyone else over there. As I scroll through social media there are tons of opinions and perspectives being shared about the election, President Trump, Barack Obama, political policy, racism, women’s rights, the first lady, you name it. But in most cases, there is some level of division being communicated.  Emotions are on high. Fear is running ramped. People are scared of what’s to come and no matter who you voted for I think there is a level of sadness in us all.  It’s sad that now we are not only discriminating or judging others by their color or creed but also by their vote for President. As much as I hate feeling this way I too question where you stand if I know you voted for Trump. Does it automatically mean you support violence, hatred and his views about minorities, women, and Muslims if you voted for him? If not, does it just mean that you didn’t care about that part or turned a deaf ear to it? I don’t know but either one is disturbing to me. Does this mean I am a Political Racist?

I have a friend who ended her relationship when she found out her significant other voted for Trump. Part of me hated the fact that a relationship ended just because of one person’s preference for President but the other could see how this could cause relationship tension.  Are we at the place now where who you voted for can be a relationship deal breaker?

I had an ex-coworker who I adored and held with high regard vote for Trump. I knew him to be such a kind, honest and good man and I would never have thought he would vote for him just based on Trump’s crude comments alone.  We stayed connected on social media and when I found out he did vote for Trump I was not only shocked but I immediately questioned everything I knew to be true about his character.  My flesh (as the Christians would say…lol) wanted to block him from all my social media ASAP. But my better judgment said that I wouldn’t be any more right to judge this man by a vote than those that judge me by the color of my skin. So I chose to accept the fact that his choice for President doesn’t mean he is any less the kind person that I had come to know and remained connected with him on social media.  Am I still disappointed and question? Of course, I do but I have chosen to let his good character outweigh what I perceived to be a bad decision. Far too often we judge the whole based upon one part, which isn’t fair or just for anyone.

I was sent this video, which illustrates the premise of “one bad apple spoils the bunch”.  Although it speaks to how making a mistake affects how we are viewed by others, the principle relates to the political divide we are currently dealing with as a country.

I may not be able to control my emotion about how this election has affected me but I can control my actions. When it is all said and done we still have to co-exist and experience this life together regardless of who we vote for or call POTUS. I refuse to let hatred be a part of my life let alone influence my actions so I have made a personal commitment to accept others Right to Choose even if I don’t agree with what was chosen. I will continue to respectfully share my viewpoint and support what is fair and just for all people.  After all isn’t that how we all want to be treated?

Let the DIVIDE bring about COMMUNICATION that puts us on a path to UNITY.


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