Making Change Your Personal Assistant

I don’t exactly know what it is like to have a Personal Assistant outside of having my kids fetch me a thing or two but I do have an idea of what it’s like to be one.  I have spent several years wearing the Administrative Assistant hat and have even supervised a team of them.  Our overall job is to make our boss’s job easier.  We are expected to make the impossible, possible.  We are expected to anticipate their needs and occasionally work a miracle or two.  We provide a personalized service for their needs like no other.

In a way, Change can be your “Personal Assistant” if you embrace it and learn how to work it to your advantage.  Although there are a lot of changes that happen to us outside of our control there are still changes that we can choose to make.  One of my mottoes in life is, CHANGE is the result of an ACTION that is followed by a DECISION.  Now I am not just talking about physical change but also mental and emotional change.  So many times we allow ourselves to get swallowed up and eaten alive by negative and depressing thoughts as a result of things that may happen to us.  We act as if we have no control over them and are stuck in emotional quicksand until someone comes to pull us out.  There is a saying that goes, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.  Maybe your reaction needs to be to re-evaluate your thoughts.  Do you know you can CHOOSE TO CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS?  This is where you hire Change as your Personal Assistant and make it work for you.

You get passed over for that promotion at work.  You feel disappointed and defeated.  You immediately go into telling yourself all sorts of self-defeating lies.  I am not good enough.  They don’t appreciate me.  I’m never going to get anywhere.  In that moment you feel like someone snatched the sun out of your sky and there is nothing you can do about it.  But in reality, you can.  You can call on your Personal Assistant and start changing your thoughts.  But how you ask?

  1. First, you need to recognize you have the power to change how you feel by changing your thoughts.  Now I am not saying you will be completely emotionally free from any hurt or pain.  Hell, I am still looking for that switch, but I am saying you can turn the corner and plant your feet on a new path.
  2. Second, DECIDE to change.  Don’t just say you want to; DECIDE to.  Some people like Pity Partying until the sun comes up thinking that will somehow attract change.  It never does and as long as you stay in Club Pity you will never see the sun.
  3. Third, Identify thoughts that make you happy.  I mean literally make you Feel Happiness.  It can be related to your issue or completely different.  In my post, “I Am Happy Because of You“, I talk about how my grandson makes me happy.  Every time I see a photo of him I immediately smile and talk to it as if he is right there with me.  It literally makes me feel happy and I can choose to change my thoughts to him, which will in turn change how I feel.  You can also take your negative thoughts and change them into positives.  “I am not good enough” turns into “There is a better opportunity waiting for me”.
  4. Fourth, you just need to put it into ACTION.  What did Nike say, “Just Do It“.  Change your thought and watch how your feeling will change with it.

Voila, there you have it, you’ve just made Change your Personal Assistant.  It now works for you and not against you.  

Now please don’t get the wrong impression.  I’m not saying that you will never feel sad, depressed or emotional ever again in life.  You may have to repeat steps three and four over and over until they take root.  But at least now you have the tools and know-how to make Change your Personal Assistant.  Go ahead and give it a try right now.  Start with something really simple.  Allow yourself to think about something that maybe makes you feel sad, hurt or mad.  Sit with it for a minute.  Then choose another thought.  Just like that.  Choose to change your thought about that or change it completely and see how you now feel.  It was just that simple; you just made Change work for You!


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