How to Define Purpose

I swear I have been obsessed with having a purpose, discovering purpose, living in my purpose and anything purpose related for most of my adult life.  I had no idea what it was or how to find it, I just knew I desperately wanted to fulfill it.  My biggest fear in life was that I would leave this earth and not fulfill the purpose God created me for.  I did not want to let Him down.  I would pray to God begging for Him to reveal it to me, but every prayer felt like it fell on deaf ears.  I tried stuff just because it sounds good or because other people said I was good at it, but that too didn’t feel right.  I had this belief that fulfilling your purpose meant you had to do something huge and life changing for all to see, but for me, I couldn’t even almost imagine what that could be.  I had even gotten to a point where I started to feel like maybe it just wasn’t in the cards for me; that maybe God skipped me in the purpose line on purpose.

As time went on, though, that nagging feeling never went away.  A couple of years ago I found myself in a depressed state.  It felt like nothing in my life was working out the way it was supposed to.  It was as if I was that hamster on the exercise wheel.  Running fast but getting nowhere and not getting the results I wanted.  Then one day I was lead to read a book called ” You are a BadAss, How to stop doubting Your Greatness and start living an Awesome Life”, by Jen Sincero.  This book not only changed my life but also ignited a desire for me to read like I never had before.  I began reading self-help books one after the other.  I was back on my purpose quest, except this time I had learned that the only way I was going to be able to know what God wanted me to do was for me to be able to genuinely commune with Him and learn to hear His voice.  So I started practicing meditation and committed myself to communicating with God at least 10 minutes every morning before I start my day.  It’s been over a year and a half now and I can honestly say I have only missed one day.

During that time frame, I was able to gain a clearer understanding and definition of Purpose.  I discovered that we all have the same Purpose in life and it’s very simple.

God created us with the Purpose to Help Each Other.   

That’s it.  We are all here to help one another.  The difference is How we exercise that Purpose.  In what way am I meant to help others?  All this time I was thinking my purpose had to be some huge monumental achievement.  I was thinking that I had to touch the world in some way like Oprah Winfrey or Martin Luther King Jr. but in actuality, I was completely missing the point.  I don’t have to be rich, famous or a lead a movement in order to fulfill my purpose of helping others.  I just have to “Fulfill My Purpose“.

Now there still lies the question… How do I fulfill my purpose?  Well, that my friend is where your Gifts and Talents come in.  Those things that were given to us as tools to help us help others.  Pablo Picasso said, “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away”.  So then the obvious next step becomes, How do I Define my Gift(s)?

Well, my friend, you will just have to stay tuned to the next Blog Post coming this week… “How Do I Define My Gift” to see what I have to say about that.  Don’t hate me… join me.

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    1. That is great. I LOVE that book. I have passed it on to so many people. She is coming out with a money one this spring. I haven’t gotten into Yoga yet but I hear it is a great way to still your mind and spirit so you can hear clearly, find direction and peace. You go girl Regina :-).

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