How Do I Define My Gift?

There are a number of opinions out there on how to define and discover your gift.  Some believe in the spiritual gifts outlined in the bible.  Some believe your talent is your gift.  And some believe your gift is your passion.  There may be some truth in all of those opinions but for me, I believe there are Gifts and there are Spiritual Practices.

Your Gift is the intangible characteristic you possess and operate in on a high level without effort.  That was a big sentence huh.  You have to quote me if you want to use it.  LOL.  But in simpler terms, it’s that thing about you that stands out and most often causes people to gravitate or respond well to you.  What is that thing about you that captures people’s attention?  What is that thing that makes you memorable and unique to others?

My ex-husband has always had this enchanting gift for gab.  If you let him talk long enough he can make anything make good sense and seem like the right thing to do.  He will have you feeling like anything is possible and worth trying.  He does it so effortlessly and I wouldn’t be surprised if he doesn’t even realize when he is doing it.  He has talked his way into so many opportunities and experiences in life and allotted him the ability to be successful in many areas.  My suspicion is that his Gift is connected to that characteristic and could possibly be the gift of Influence.  But if you asked him he would probably try to influence me into thinking something different.  LOL.

For me, I have ALWAYS been described as creative, of which I am.  If you were to ask anyone to describe me they would definitely use that word.  Being creative is definitely something I do well and enjoy doing, hell I do it for a living but I don’t think it is my Gift.  My Gift is the characteristic that allows me to be good at being creative and that is Insight.  Having the ability to think intuitively allows me to see the bigger picture, see things from a different perspective and consider a variety of options thus allowing me to come up with a creative solution.  Not only that, it also allows me to write this Blog, share my story and hopefully speaks to others in a way that resonates with them.  Now don’t get me wrong, defining your Gift can take some time and effort.  I firmly believe that spending quiet time with God and Yourself is the only way for you to see beneath the surface and learn what really makes you tick.  I am 43 years old and I am just now discovering how to define my Gift that has been there all along.

So Defining Your Gift is not all there is to it.  There is another element called your Spiritual Practice.  What is that you say?  Well as you have probably already guessed you have to wait until the next blog post to find out.  In the meantime ask yourself…

Is the noise around me preventing me from discovering what is within me?

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